DK063 Draw String Pocket Shorts

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  • Material: 80%nylon 20%spandex
  • Shipping: express/air cargo/sea shipping
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  • NO Logo NO Brand Min.Order: 10pcs
  • Custom Logo Min.Order: 100pcs
  • Custom Color Min.Order: 500pcs/color
  • Custom Size Min.Order: 500pcs/size
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    After exercise, you will feel happiness is actually very simple. It is in your eyes and can be captured with your heart.

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    HIP (CM)97101105109113
    LENGTH (CM)2930313233

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    When it comes to exercise, everyone knows its benefits-to keep fit, relieve stress, feel good, and so on. Because through exercise, it promotes the secretion of hormones and biological factors such as BDNF, 5-HT, dopamine, IGF-1, cortisol, and finally improves brain function as a whole. This is exercise brainwashing and exercise brain strengthening.

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    Exercise transforms the brain, and exercise keeps the brain in its best state, but few people really understand the principles behind it. There is a solid theoretical basis for this conclusion in neuroscience.

    After exercise, you will feel happiness is actually very simple. It is in your eyes and can be captured with your heart. it is in the palm of your hand and you can grasp it as long as you close your hands; it is on your feet and can be reached as long as you move...

    But many times, we want to see through, we are struggling to stay, we rush to stay, but we always feel happiness is very far away-that is because we look at the wrong direction, hold the wrong hand, take the wrong path-not belong to ourselves Don't force it, cherish what you have already got.

    In many cases, our happiness has nothing to do with material things, and sometimes it is just a spiritual experience, a spiritual feeling.

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    Combining aerobic exercise and complex exercise, they produce different effects, and they are complementary to each other, so exercise methods should complement each other. For example, yoga, dance, tai chi, tennis, training of these activities can involve all the nerve cells of the brain.

    Sports make us understand the forest is big and there are all kinds of birds. Don't always listen to other birds singing.

    In this world, as long as there is your living space, your rotating stage, those you love, and those who love you, that’s enough. Don’t always have trouble with yourself, don’t entangle others' comments, and hold your happiness in your palms. , Leave the troubles behind. All start with workout activity.

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