America 50℃ killed hundreds of people, is global warming getting worse?

For long, we’ve been advocating recycled polyester fiber to help the earth. Some individuals might think it’s too far away , too early, too futile with organic yoga clothing. However, sustainability is not only a topic. It call for real actions even a little bit we can do.
What if the temperature is as high as 50℃?
Today, an extremely dangerous heat wave is raging in the northwestern United States and western Canada, breaking local historical records.
According to the United Nations World Meteorological Organization,this heat wave is abnormal and dangerous. According to incomplete statistics, the high temperature has caused nearly 100 deaths.
The temperature in the areas hit by the heat wave was a summer resort of 15°C-21°C even in midsummer, so many homes did not have air conditioners.
Who would have thought that the heat wave hit in 50℃。 It disrupted everyone’s lives. Many elderly and children cannot withstand the attack of heat waves. Meanwhile, it worsen the condition of people with underlying diseases, increased their physical burden, and even death.
By the middle of this century, climate change will cause the earth’s temperature to rise. There may be no summer sea ice in most of the Arctic, and the small part that will not melt is the “last ice zone.” However, the “last ice zone” also began to melt.
Stephen Hawking made predictions and warnings that if humans cannot effectively curb the intensification of global warming, then the earth ‘s surface temperature will same as Venus’. It will be as high as 460°C, and humans will not be able to survive.
The global fashion industry has an annual output value of approximately US$3 trillion, but at the same time it generates 10% of global carbon emissions (more than the total emissions of all international flights and shipping), and the implementation of sustainable fashion has no time to delay.
FitFever solutions for sustainability,
1) fabric from recycled bottles

Famous for rpet fabric wholesale, it’s fitfever key business producing recycled leggings,sport bras with REPREVE fabric. Transparent and certifiably sustainable,REPREVE is an Essential Ingredient in many sustainable products.
2) SORONA® plant sugars fabric
 Our new recycled fabric for sale.

 37% Sorona comes from plant-based raw materials. Compared with nylon 6, sorona process reduces oil resource consumption by 37%, saves energy use by 30%, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 63%.

SORONA®, as a member of the (RCI) Renewable Carbon Program, actively responds to the “carbon neutral” accelerated action that is in full swing, and jointly achieves the 2060 carbon neutral goal, helps the enterprise’s internal carbon cycle, and optimizes the carbon emissions of the entire industry chain .
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Post time: Oct-05-2021