HRFM02 77%RPET Gym fabric for legging bra

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  • GSM: 250GSM
  • WIDTH: 500CM
  • MOQ: 300KG 1KG≈2.5M
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    Stay in shape, elegant and beautiful.stick to yoga, don’t need heavy makeup, just clean and refreshing.

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    100% refund on faulty items

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    I hope you can live what you like, don't please anyone, don't rely on anyone, and feel safe! Be a yoga girl who does not improvise, does not discount, and does not make ends meet!

    Life is regular, stick to yoga, don’t need heavy makeup, just clean and refreshing. No matter how the world changes, your original intention will never change, maintaining integrity, kindness, courage, and independence. Have the unchanging original intention, but also have the courage to move forward wantonly! The best state for a woman is to take good care of herself before taking care of her family. Life cannot be repeated. Life is short.


    It is most important to live happy and relaxed. Even in the face of day-to-day firewood, rice, oil and salt, don’t forget to read a favorite book. Reading allows you to view the world from another angle. It is a recipe for adjusting your life. Yoga allows you to unite body and mind, maintain a healthy body, and live a poem! I have light in my heart and move forward bravely

    Have the courage to face challenges, have a straight spine and an unyielding soul, and don't discard the kindness and integrity that should be, and don't waste time on people and things that are not worthwhile. Maintain friendship and grow together.

    Don't forget your old friends for many years, they have witnessed your growth, make a phone call, drink tea together, go yoga together, travel together, and find the vigorous you at the beginning. The friendship is worth maintaining and cherishing for a lifetime. They will always support you and will always be your intimate sisters! Cultivate interest, try to change.

    In the new year, tap your potential and learn one more skill. It can be flower arranging, wine tasting, essential oils, writing, running, climbing, painting, photography...Life needs change, settle down, don't limit yourself! Stay in shape, elegant and beautiful.


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