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DK068 side pocket biker shorts

Short Description

Material: 80%nylon 20%spandex
Size: XS-S-M-L-XL
Shipping: express/air cargo/sea shipping
Price: please contact us to enquire
No Logo Min. Order: 10pcs
Custom Logo Min.Order: 100pcs
Custom Color Min.Order: 500pcs/color
Custom Size Min.Order: 500pcs/size



Inspiration Lab

It seems that the design details are lacking, but the style is the most particular.

After Sale

100% refund on faulty items

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DK068 (11)


  4/XS 6/S 8/M 10/L 12/XL
LENGTH (CM) 43.5 44.5 45.5 46.5 47.5
WAIST (CM) 59 63 67 71 75
HIP (CM) 69 73 77 81 85


Product Information

In addition to emphasizing elements such as "slimness", "elegance" and "practicality", you might as well feel the fabric itself. You will find-it turns out, black, there is more than one kind of black. Black can also be shiny and soft. Just like that glass of ice-cola in summer, accompany us to wherever we want to go. Plain love is the most lasting, it brings people's inner security, and clothes are the same, because they are simple, they are eternal.


Everyone has a virgin forest in his heart, a piece of land unheard of even the footprints of birds, where the shadows of trees and springs are clear, and freedom is allowed to perceive the true self. Clean up your mood, dress warmly, travel calmly, live elsewhere, stay in the natural environment, let the body and mind stay and think together. 

Being able to be oneself is more important than anything else. Traveling to Northern Europe takes the white water vapor and the lonely green grass as the inspiration source. Let the delicate experience of oriental women travel in nature to open the exploration of the life and scenery of other places.


The world is my imagination. It is not to be the endorsement of elites and wealthy groups, nor is it to be drawn by the bottomless demand for "efficiency" of the times. It seems that the design details are lacking, but the style is the most particular. The length ratio/neckline size needs to be repeatedly adjusted. These details are the basics of a piece of clothing. Whether it is to return to the spirit or use exaggerated design details, I can tell you with ease, the simplest is also the most special.


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