DB028 Plus Bra for Daily workout

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  • Item No.: DB028
  • Material: 92%polyester 8%spandex
  • Size: 0XL-1XL-2XL-3XL-4XL
  • Shipping: express/air cargo/sea shipping
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  • No Logo Min.Order: 10pcs
  • Custom Logo Min.Order: 100pcs
  • Custom Color Min.Order: 500pcs/color
  • Custom Size Min.Order: 500pcs/size
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    The best way to develop exercise habits: one is to make progress gradually, and the other is to join a group.

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    BUST (CM)33.535.437.439.441.3
    LENGTH (CM)13.614.214.815.415.9

    Product Information

    For women, bra is the clothing closest to the body. However, this object that knows women best is an enemy and a friend. Choosing the right one will not only care for the breasts, modify the curves of the body, and highlight the femininity of women. It's also super comfortable to wear. However, if you wear it incorrectly, it will be like "sentence"! Pulling out the red seal, poking into the chest, squeezing out of breath...

    What's more serious is that inappropriate bra, long-term squeezing of breasts, poor blood circulation can lead to hyperplasia, and even breast cancer. In fact, this is caused by not choosing the right bra.

    According to the "China Women's bra Research Report", 88% of women have not worn suitable and comfortable bra. Now, with the rise of female self-awareness, more and more people are beginning to pursue a sense of freedom.


    bra has also changed from steel ring, shaping, gathering... to the home of non-steel ring, non-marking, and nude bra. But most of the non-mark bra that has emerged on the market are mostly laymen who join in the fun, and don't know how to pretend and just make money for money. Everyone has stepped on a lot of thunder: some shoulder straps keep falling off, run with arms raised, not close to the body, easy to curl.....

    It is not easy to find a comfortable and free bra that suits you. Wilde said: Loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. Therefore, if a woman wants to love herself, start with a comfortable bra. It is skin-friendly and feels like a baby, super comfortable, without any friction or foreign body sensation.

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