SEAMLESS YOGA WEAR | brand design analyze

Seamless weaving craft is a more popular clothing craft, which is sought after by many best athleisure brands. The technology is becoming more and more mature, and it is widely used in training clothes womens. It is used by both high-end and low-end brands. It can jacquard out the pattern or text that the designer needs, which is a good design expression. The popularity of knitted seamless is also thanks to its ability to provide superior comfort and fit, with excellent elasticity and stretchability. It can adapt to a variety of sports positions and has excellent durability. 

Born Living Yoga is committed to providing yoga enthusiasts and fitness enthusiasts with high-quality, stylish workout clothes to elevate their exercise experience. Born Living Yoga's seamless collection of garments are made from high-stretch knitted materials with excellent stretch and resilience, as well as breathability, allowing them to follow your body's movements without restricting your flexibility and flattering your body. 

Born Living Yoga's knitted seamless style two key details are the stitch embellishment and eyelet design. 3D curved sculpturing adds a stylish touch to clothing while providing extra strength and durability.The eyelet design adds breathable eyelets to key areas to provide better ventilation for the body, efficiently wick away sweat, and ensure coolness and comfort during exercise.