• How to Buy the Right Pair of Yoga Pants

    Tips to buy suitable sports tights:   Material: Choose a material with good air permeability, soft and comfortable, such as cotton, polyester, spandex, etc. These materials can allow your skin to breathe easily and keep you dry. Elasticity: good quality leggings need to have good elasticity so t...
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  • how to start a clothing business with buying wholesale

    With the popularity of fitness, more and more people are optimistic about the sportswear market and create their own yoga clothing brands. Buyers need to consider many aspects when choosing a best wholesale clothing vendors. So, what issues should be considered when choosing a yoga clothing suppl...
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  • comfortable and shapely yoga legging commendation

    Want to have a pair of yoga pants that are both comfortable and shapely? Check out our yoga pants now! First of all, this active leggings has a double-sided structure, which can tighten the abdomen and waist, and avoid the phenomenon of strangulation. Moreover, the use of absorbent material can a...
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  • How does Lululeom do marketing growth strategy content marketing?

    How does Lululeom do marketing growth strategy content marketing?

    Lululemon invests a lot of money and resources in launching big brand events around the world. There are different events for fun of sports and for fun of women yoga wear in different countries, such as London’s Hot Sweat Festival, Vancouver’s 10K run, etc. The first of the Unroll Chi...
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  • How does Lululeom’s Marketing Growth Strategy Brand Ambassador Program work?

    How does Lululeom’s Marketing Growth Strategy Brand Ambassador Program work?

    The visual design and the way the staff interact with each other make people believe that this is a brand that wants to make the world a better place from the beginning, not just to sell goods. An important role in the community is the brand ambassador. Educators around the world liaise and maint...
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  • Why do people increasingly like sustainable fabrics and sportswear

    Why do people increasingly like sustainable fabrics and sportswear

    The sportswear market is about 300 billion yuan, with a compound growth rate of nearly 20%, exceeding that of children’s apparel. It is the fastest growing clothing industry segment. Other listed apparel companies are basically facing the impact of consumption iteration, with the growth rat...
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  • Leather free Audi, the new luxury

    On June 3, at the top international design event 2021 “Design Shanghai”, the Audi brand further broke down the barriers, and cooperated with the well-known fashion brand Stella McCartney to achieve in-depth co-creation around the theme of “recycled design”.   Through the i...
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  • America 50℃ killed hundreds of people, is global warming getting worse?

    For long, we’ve been advocating recycled polyester fiber to help the earth. Some individuals might think it’s too far away , too early, too futile with organic yoga clothing. However, sustainability is not only a topic. It call for real actions even a little bit we can do.   What if the temperatu...
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  • Korean fashion brand “RE;CODE”, recycled clothing can be fashionable

    When talking about sustainability clothing, we usually talk about environmentally friendly clothing material, for example, bamboo fabric eco friendly, sorona plant based fabric and repreve recycled bottle fabric. Today, we’ll check something different. Some ways that do better to help earth even ...
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  • Why people love Lycra and where to source Lycra

    Lycra is a highly used words in workout clothing. Maybe you have a piece of lycra gym pants or in your wardrobe. Lycra was only a trade name used by INVISTA at the beginning. Because the company occupies a market monopoly in the spandex field, Lycra has become almost synonymous with all spandex y...
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  • Big-name’s eco-friendly fashion

    With the continuous implementation of textiles recycling, environmental awareness has prevailed in the well-known fashion brand industry in all walks of life. “No use of fur”, “recycling of old clothes”, “use of eco friendly fabric“ is pursuing economic Environ...
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  • Who is lycra, why lycra ?

    You must heard of lycra gym wear,lycra activewear, so what is Lycra ? Lycra fabric is a fabric made of Lycra fiber. Lycra fiber is also known as spandex. It was originally a registered trademark of DuPont Spandex Fiber. It can greatly improve the elasticity and extensibility of the fabric.clothe...
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