Why do people increasingly like sustainable fabrics and sportswear

The sportswear market is about 300 billion yuan, with a compound growth rate of nearly 20%, exceeding that of children’s apparel. It is the fastest growing clothing industry segment. Other listed apparel companies are basically facing the impact of consumption iteration, with the growth rate of revenue and profit slowing down or even declining significantly, while sports apparel brands are experiencing rapid growth in all categories and channels.

Sports and fitness will become the main components of public life. The functional requirements for fitness wear are more concentrated in moisture absorption, quick drying, elasticity and light weight. For outdoor sports, there are special needs for functions such as anti-ultraviolet, moisture absorption and ventilation, and waterproof and anti-mosquito.yoga set

In the post-epidemic era, new consumer demand is taking shape and a new consumption structure is being accelerated. People pay more and more attention to keep healthy, and also pay more attention to the safety, comfort and environmental sustainability of clothing itself. The epidemic has made people more aware of human vulnerability, and more and more consumers expect more from brands in terms of environmental protection and social responsibility.

The consumption structure of the market is changing, and the concept of healthy ecological life is gradually gaining popularity. The development of fabric will follow this trend. With comfortable, sustainable, environmental protection, low carbon functional fabrics are more popular with the market, the application of the functional fiber and finishing technology, embodies the people to the pursuit of comfortable and convenient way of life and their own health and safety protection.


In recent years, sustainable fashion has become one of the major trends that cannot be ignored in the global apparel industry. The fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry in the world, and major brands are eagerly looking forward to joining the camp of environmental protection and seeking development and transformation. A “green” storm is coming, and sustainable fashion is on the rise.

Post time: Mar-24-2022