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Short Description

Material: 90%nylon 10%spandex

Size: S-M-L

Shipping: express/air cargo/sea shipping

Price: please contact us to enquire

No Logo Min. Order: 10pcs

Custom Logo Min.Order: 100pcs

Custom Color Min.Order: 500pcs/color

Custom Size Min.Order: 500pcs/size

Inspiration Lab

The hotter the summer, the more people want to join it.

After Sale

100% refund on faulty items

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BRA  YJ047 S M L
LENGTH (CM) 31 32.5 34
BUST (CM) 66 71 76
HEM (CM) 58 63 68
LENGTH (CM) 80 82 84
WAIST (CM) 56 61 66
HIP (CM) 65 70 75

Product Information

The hotter the summer, the more people want to join it. Classic tailoring is equipped with performance fabrics, and every movement will radiate energy, letting you in summer shine radiantly.

Performance fabrics, bid farewell to sweating.When you love sports performance fabrics.When encountering a classic casual shirt, it has both body feel and style.The fabric wicks perspiration and is dry, with elasticity on all sides, allowing you to move in summer and keep it comfortable and fresh at any time.

The details are tailored to make the wearing feel more comfortable. Our functional casual shirts are full of ingenious details to make the wearing feel more appropriate.Whether it's sports or leisure time, it allows you to stay flexible throughout the day, without constraints, you want to wear it today, tomorrow, and every day.

In this world, most of us have exhausted our best efforts to live an ordinary life. But being ordinary does not mean that some people have something to do, and it is not worth our all-out efforts. Behind your visible and invisible life, some people are still willing to run for their ideals;

some still insist on giving continuous love to those around them; some still look up at the starry sky, shining brightly. Perhaps many things will make you break down instantly, and many things will make you feel annoyed.

But you still need to live well, because there are reasons not to fall down, because there are scenery that has not yet been tasted. Therefore, no matter what you are experiencing now, please look forward and move forward.

and spend every day as the last day of your adult life, and take every step firmly and forcefully. Real as you and my life, ordinary as you and my life. In this ordinary human world, everyone who bravely lives is an extraordinary existence.

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