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  • “Sports Zara” comes to China, will Chinese men pay the bill?

    After receiving investment from Alibaba and Softbank, Fanatics announced at the end of February this year that it would establish a joint venture company Fanatics China with Hillhouse Capital to bring authorized sports apparel and peripheral products to China. According to Forbes reports, this U...
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  • Brushed fabric brief introduction

    Brushed fabric brief introduction Brushed fabric is also refered as sanding /peach/stone wash /carbon wash /microfiber fabric Overview: Brushed fabrics are made through the abrasive action of sanders and emery leather. They are soft, comfortable with a strong sense of drape. Wearing feeling: sof...
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  • Polyester and Nylon Analyze Brief

    POLYESTER is characterized by wrinkle resistance and moisture absorption. It also has strong resistance to acid and alkali, and UV resistance.The famous recycled polyester brands are REPREVE, JIAREM,GRS. Nylon is also called polyamide. Its advantages are high strength, high wear resistance, high ...
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