News - Who is lycra, why lycra ?

Who is lycra, why lycra ?

You must heard of lycra gym wear,lycra activewear, so what is Lycra ?
Lycra fabric is a fabric made of Lycra fiber. Lycra fiber is also known as spandex. It was originally a registered trademark of DuPont Spandex Fiber. It can greatly improve the elasticity and extensibility of the fabric.clothes contains lycra fiber are really lycra clothes.

Lycra fiber can stretch up to 500% and can be restored to its original shape. It can be stretched very easily, while lycra outfits can be close to the surface of the human body after recovery, and it’s not restraining  human body.

Lycra has a wide range of applications and can add extra comfort to all types of ready-to-wear garments, including underwear, customized jackets, suits, skirts, trousers, knitwear, etc. It greatly improves the hand feel, drape and crease recovery ability of fabric, improving the comfort and fit of all kinds of clothes.

Lycra cannot be used alone. It can be interwoven with any other man-made fibers and natural fibers. It does not change the appearance of the fabric, because it is an invisible fiber.

Therefore, adding Lycra to garments such as trousers and jackets can easily restore the folds automatically, making the clothes more sleek and not easy to deform. If add lycra to Knitwear such as sweatshirts, underwear, fitness pants, it helps to better fit and more comfortable. It stretches freely on the body and can move with you.

⒈ Very elastic and not easy to deform

Lycra can enhance the elasticity of the fabric. It can be used in combination with a variety of different fibers, whether natural or man-made, without changing the appearance and texture of the fabric. For example, wool + Lycra fabric not only has good elasticity, but also has better fit, shape retention, drape and wearability after washing;




Can be blended with any fabric

Lycra can be used for cotton knitted fabrics, double-sided wool fabrics, silk poplin, nylon fabrics and different fabrics.

Cotton + Lycra not only has the advantages of comfort and breathability of cotton fiber, but also takes into account the characteristics of good elasticity and non-deformation that cotton does not have, making the fabric more fit, soft and comfortable. Cotton lycra yoga pants can be more comfortable than a 100% cotton pants.

Lycra can add unique advantages to clothing: close-fitting comfort, freedom of movement and long-term retention of shape.

3. Ultimate comfort

In recent years, people who love fashion feel depressed by the busyness and competition in the city. People need to be unified with comfort while maintaining proper clothes. Lycra’s clothing has the characteristics of comfortable fit and free movement, which meets the needs of people in contemporary society for clothing.

Lycra has good machinability performance. Lycra can withstand the treatment of most commonly used chemical reagents, and the Lycra-containing fabric can be dyed, printed and finished according to most processes of other fiber processing when manufacturing together.

Lycra products are easy to maintain. If there is no special instructions. Lycra can be cleaned with ordinary laundry soap and detergent, but chlorine bleach and strong alkali should be avoided.



Post time: Sep-16-2021