News - “Sports Zara” comes to China, will Chinese men pay the bill?

“Sports Zara” comes to China, will Chinese men pay the bill?

After receiving investment from Alibaba and Softbank, Fanatics announced at the end of February this year that it would establish a joint venture company Fanatics China with Hillhouse Capital to bring authorized sports apparel and peripheral products to China.

According to Forbes reports, this US vertical e-commerce platform is very popular in the capital market. After receiving an E round of 350 million U.S. dollars in financing in August last year, its valuation has reached 6.2 billion U.S. dollars, and its next move is to go public.

Why did such a domestically grown sports e-commerce company come to China on the eve of listing? Will straight men buy it?

People in the fashion open Fanatics’ official website and may criticize its outdated and old-fashioned design, but for sports fans, this is a shopping paradise.


From the NFL (American Football League) to the NBA (American Basketball League), as well as Manchester United and Chelsea in the field of football, there are more than 300 teams, leagues and competitions clothing and peripheral products covering almost all the mainstream in the United States. Sports items.
Expanding the camp of authorized clubs and teams is one of the ways Fanatics builds the moat.

According to the information that has been determined so far, the joint venture Fanatics China will land in Shanghai. With the help of partners, the new company will design, produce and sell these sports products in accordance with the trend of China, in the form of both the company’s good at e-commerce Mode, including offline physical stores.

According to Ravid analysis, in China, European football is a huge and growing field, and Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich all have exclusive cooperation with them. This is one of their biggest advantages. In other words, this is a really huge gathering place for fans, and these fans are hungry for the official and genuine products.”

Post time: Mar-31-2021