News - Big-name’s eco-friendly fashion

Big-name’s eco-friendly fashion

With the continuous implementation of textiles recycling, environmental awareness has prevailed in the well-known fashion brand industry in all walks of life. “No use of fur”, “recycling of old clothes”, “use of eco friendly fabric“ is pursuing economic Environmental fashion is at the core. Skip yoga clothing and let’s see more sustainable fashions.
For the fashion industry, practicing the concept of sustainability is not only a public welfare act to protect the environment and reduce waste of resources, but also an important business strategy to promote industry innovation, create value, and impress a new generation of consumers.
To curb climate warming, Chanel launched
“Mission 1.5°” Project
Chanel, a time-honored luxury brand, signed the “Fashion Pact G7″ agreement last year. The goal is to prevent climate warming, restore biodiversity, protect the ocean. Chanel hopes to become a zero-carbon brand by 2050.
In March of this year, Chanel further launched the “Mission 1.5°” plan, hoping to achieve the heating limit set by the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, limiting the global average temperature to 1.5 ℃.
Prada uses recycled materials for fashion,
Create a new style of luxury
Prada’s renewable nylon, friendly fabrics, is recycled from carpets and fishing nets as raw materials, which not only effectively avoids environmental damage, but also increases the income of fishermen. Recycled nylon fabrics can be recycled indefinitely.
All Prada recycled nylon products are made of environmentally friendly materials. The Prada triangle logo, has also undergone special treatment, becoming a symbol of recycling.
Burberry plans for 2022
Achieve carbon neutrality goals
Burberry stated that it plans to reduce direct emissions (SCOPE1) and indirect emissions (SCOPE2) by 95%. Direct emissions refer to the direct operation including the electricity and gas consumption used in stores, offices, production rooms and distribution sites, while indirect emissions involve processes in the supply chain. In addition, the brand owner also stated that it is expected to achieve 100% renewable energy, which has reached 58% by now.
adidas and Stella McCartney
Co-Launch sustainable concept clothing
Adidas, a leading sports fashion company, and British designer brand Stella McCartney announced that they will launch two new sustainable concept clothing with recyclable clothing materials.
As early as 2015, adidas and the marine environmental protection agency Parley jointly launched a shoe model. Stella McCartney said: “We can’t just sit back and wait and expect others to give us answers and solutions. The successful cooperation with adidas means that we can indeed contribute to the protection of the planet’s future.”
The fashion manufacturing industry is the world’s second most polluting industry, second only to the petroleum industry. The vicious mould of quick gratification, discarding, and re-consumption is a manifestation. It manifests that fast fashion’ industry only focuses on profits. It does not care about the consequences. It also makes most consumers more addicted and unrestrained, and excessive greed has become the era symptoms.

The Guardian commented that “contemporary luxury brands mean taking social and environmental responsibilities, which are crucial to the long-term success of the brand.” It can be seen that sustainable fashion has become a common topic in the international industry and fashion industry and the vane of the fashion industry.

Post time: Sep-16-2021