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Material: 90%nylon 10%spandex

Size: S-M-L

Shipping: express/air cargo/sea shipping

Price: please contact us to enquire

No Logo Min. Order: 10pcs

Custom Logo Min.Order: 100pcs

Custom Color Min.Order: 500pcs/color

Custom Size Min.Order: 500pcs/size

Inspiration Lab

aerobics, rhythmic gymnastics, shape gymnastics and various self-resistance movements

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100% refund on faulty items

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YJ012 (1)


BRA 6/S 8/M 10/L
LENGTH (CM) 26 27 28
BUST (CM) 65 70 75
HEM (CM) 56 61 66


BOTTOM 6/S 8/M 10/L
LENGTH (CM) 85.5 87.5 89.5
WAIST (CM) 55 60 65
HIP (CM) 69 74 79

Product Information

The real way of fitness is to adapt the benign activities of one's own physical and psychological needs, and inadvertently incorporate its "rules" into life. Over time, it naturally becomes a way of life and fitness of one's own. It is the longevity that is not raised.

Therefore, fitness should not simply imitate others, it is also artificial. Don’t envy others-how to be strong, how to be fit, be good at summarizing your own living habits and actively cultivate a good lifestyle, and use your good habits to refine your own fitness path, so that you can go with the flow , Health prolongs the year, and live your life happily and healthily.

Various freehand exercises can be used, such as various freehand aerobics, rhythmic gymnastics, shape gymnastics and various self-resistance movements. You can also use a variety of different sports equipment for various exercises, such as dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and other weight lifting equipment, horizontal bars, parallel bars, ropes, rods and other anaerobic training equipment.

as well as spring tensioners, pulley tensioners, rubber bands and various A kind of specially made comprehensive strength exercise racks and other strength training equipment, as well as aerobic training equipment such as power bicycles, steppers, flat treadmills, rowing machines and so on.

There are various ways of fitness exercises, including a complete set of all kinds of free-standing gymnastics; there are also gymnastics with light equipment such as balls and bars. These are mainly used for women's bodybuilding training to lose weight and improve body shape, improve flexibility, and enhance Rhythm.

 there are many weightlifting exercises and other movements that can develop muscles in various parts of the body. These movements are mainly used for men and women to strengthen their physique and develop muscles, and they are also used for bodybuilding training for men and women.

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