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D19030 Tailed Cute Gym Tank

Short Description

  • Material: 75%nylon 25%spandex
  • Shipping: express/air cargo/sea shipping
  • Price: please contact us to enquire
  • NO Logo NO Brand Min.Order: 10pcs
  • Custom Logo Min.Order: 100pcs
  • Custom Color Min.Order: 500pcs/color
  • Custom Size Min.Order: 500pcs/size
  • Inspiration Lab

    Go to the gym. Don’t let yourself wander around, start and end with the cause, follow the situation, and live happily. Integrated fitness into each of our lives.

    After Sale

    100% refund on faulty items

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      4/XS 6/S 8/M 10/L 12/XL
    BUST (CM) 78 82 86 90 94
    HEM(CM) 92 96 100 104 108
    LENGTH (CM) 67.5 69 70.5 72 73.5

    Product Information

    Natural spiritual yoga is suitable for all kinds of people. The beginners can exercise and lose weight; the middle ones can open up the knots, purify the mind, reduce worries, improve bad habits, improve interpersonal relationships, and open up minds; the high ones can be spiritually inspired and vital. God returns to the throne, and body and mind are one.

    Practicing natural spiritual yoga, practicing at the same time, complementing each other, achieving simultaneous purification and promotion of body and mind, physical health, clear mind, revealing natural natural wisdom, and finally returning to the origin of spiritual home. This is a rare and excellent practice method.

    D19030 (18)
    D19030 (14)
    D19030 (24)
    D19030 (26)
    D19030 (28)
    D19030 (29)
    D19030 (21)
    D19030 (22)

    The so-called Taoism is natural, practicing yoga following the natural way is one of the main characteristics of natural spiritual yoga. Naturally, there are no fixed rules and regulations. Instead of practicing with personal acquired consciousness, you will enter into a natural state of non-self and non-action (in the state of work) spiritually and automatically practice, activate the body's automation system, and automatically adjust the body's meridian acupoints during movement. Open the chakras to purify the qi, and the body, mouth, and mind are trinity corresponding to achieve the great realm of the unity of body and mind and the unity of nature and man.

    Natural spiritual yoga focuses on the cultivation of both life and life. While cultivating the body's energy and veins, it combines meditation, meditation, nourishment, purification of the mind, gathering energy and concentration, and returning to a pure nature. Because the human body and mind are correspondingly consistent, the more purified the mind, the easier it is to transform and purify the body's energy, and the healthier the body. Conversely, the more purified the body's qi and veins, the more pure the mind will be.

    D19030 (31)
    D19030 (32)
    D19030 (33)
    D19030 (36)
    D19030 (38)

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